Can we integrate Cortex XDR to rapid 7 insight VM

Hi Team,

Iam assuming, this is silly question. But can you please update that is there any possible way to integrate Cortex XDR to Rapid 7 Insight VM.

What is it that you want to achieve by integrating Cortex XDR to the Insight VM platform?

Iam not sure. I know it is silly question. Insight VM is not a SIEM or IDR. It is a insight VM tool. This question came from my customer. Just wanted to cross check with you.

I wouldn’t say it needs to be a stupid question. There could be some good use cases with an integration between the products.

Example lets say that a CVSSv3 10 is detected on a system, then maybe it would be a possible solution to trigger an asset isolation event with Cortex XDR.

However I would guess that such an automation would then also require a Rapid7 InsightConnect license to setup such a workflow.

That kind of integration could also be custom built with the help of the IVM API and the Cortex API though.

I think you should ask your customer if they have any use cases in specific in mind :slight_smile:

Thanks David for your quick response.