Can the REST plugin get a Trigger of either the Get or POST Action?

Right now I have a Timer Trigger that runs a REST plugin to pull Alerts from a system that doesn’t have a plugin yet. The problem is that there are a lot of Job histories created from this even when no objects are returned and it throws off the time saved metrics.
Would it be possible to add a Trigger that either does the GET or POST Action to the REST plugin that I could schedule to run at an interval and only run the Workflow if the Body Object isn’t empty?


I like this idea for a trigger. I brought it up with the team and we’re thinking we could have a trigger that can handle multiple types of requests, and only trigger when data is returned. Does that make sense with what you’re thinking?

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I want to bump this because I have a few workflows that are using a Timer trigger just to pull from REST and adding a Trigger to the HTTP Requests Plugin would make these a lot cleaner (primarily in the Jobs windows and looking through Job Runs)