Calling All Builders: R&D Partners Wanted!

Welcome to the newest Rapid7 initiative, designed to provide a collaborative and convenient experience when integrating our Insight products with your other ecosystem technologies! We’re excited to start this project with the Extension Library and Discussion Forum and are looking forward to the next component we will be introducing: The Builder Experience.

Our vision is to create a home for builders to ideate, develop, test, and contribute extensions to Rapid7 products and the platform. “Extensions” currently include API integrations with all Rapid7 products, InsightConnect plugins, and InsightConnect workflows. In time, we hope to expand our extensions to include custom alerts, dashboards, import/export scripts, SQL queries, and much more.

As we embark on this journey towards customer-contributed content on the Insight platform, we are seeking builders that would be interested in partnering with our product team to help discover, design, and test the Builder Experience. If you consider yourself a power user of one or more Rapid7 products and would be willing to join us for design and feedback sessions regularly, then please email me at!

Build on,