Calendar Heatmap

Hello Community,

I am looking to make a calendar heat map for my SSO logins both success and failure. I am unable to select the calendar heatmap as it remains unselectable in my ‘chart type’ drop down.

Is there a calculation or manipulation that is required in order to use the heatmap?


Unfortunately, we don’t support the use of calendar heatmap with multiple queries right now - I wonder could you break out the queries and have one card for success, and another for failure?

Cathal, Rapid7

Thank you for the clarification. I am not looking to have multiple queries. I would like to implement this as you suggested. I am unable to select the option, it remains greyed out. Are you able to provide an example query that can be used with this widget?

Sure thing, I wonder are you using calculate within the query? That’s one thing I should have clarified that is also necessary.

Example Query:

There it is. I was just missing count! Thank you. Is there a list of required calculations for any other chart types?