Building Custom Dashboard in InsightVM

I would like to create some custom dashboards for myself and for other department heads. The problem I am having is not being able to manipulate the source of the data I would like to use in my selected cards within the dashboard. I have sites created and broken out by vlan/os which I have automated scans set up. Therefore, I would like to use this scanned data as the source to build my custom dashboards. How can this be accomplished?

For InsightVM you cannot change the underlying set up of the cards on a dashboard. What you can do is apply queries to either the dashboard as a whole or to individual cards. For example everyone has a “Default Dashboard” with a handful of cards on it. You can apply a dashboard query to filter that whole dashboard down to a specific site for example. After that you could have something like a total asset count card to list the total assets in that site and also duplicate that card and apply a filter to it for asset.riskscore to count the amount of assets that have an asset riskscore over 40K for example.