Browser Extensions

Browser extensions come up on the software installed list on a given asset. Is there a way to report or search on specific browser extensions to see what assets they are installed on?

Hi Steve,

Go into the Query Builder, click Add and then choose a field to check (probably software.product in your case) and then pick CONTAINS and type the name of the software you are looking for. This should give you a list of assets with the software.

you can also go to your filtered asset search and click the dropdown for Software Name

then you can export your list.

you can also do it in the report section with a query,

WITH asset_sites AS (
SELECT asset_id, array_to_string(array_agg(, ‘,’) AS sites
FROM dim_site_asset dsa
JOIN dim_site ds USING(site_id)
GROUP BY asset_id

SELECT asi.sites AS “Site”, da.ip_address IP_Address, da.host_name AS Host_Name, dos.vendor AS Vendor, AS Family,, dos.version, dos.architecture, AS “Software Name”, ds.version AS “Software Version”, fa.scan_finished AS “Last Scan Date”
FROM dim_asset_software das
JOIN dim_software ds USING (software_id)
JOIN dim_asset da ON da.asset_id = das.asset_id
JOIN dim_operating_system dos ON da.operating_system_id = dos.operating_system_id
JOIN fact_asset fa USING (asset_id)
JOIN asset_sites asi USING(asset_id)