Boto3 Plugin

Since we cannot use the credential store within a workflow, can we have a plugin for boto3? That way, we can configure the credentials in the connection which in turn stored in the credential store. Can the boto3 plugin then returns a session which can be used in a following python script?

Hello @bimodh_jo_mathew, thanks so much for the request.

Are you able to use any of the actions from the AWS suite of plugins instead of the boto3 library? If not, what actions for which AWS services would you need for your use-case(s)? If instead, you’re looking for the flexibility of the boto3 library to accomplish many things I can pass it to the team to review, and see how we might be able to solve this for you.


Hi @jon_schipp
No, I was not able to use the AWS suite of plugins. My use case was to query Route53, and lambda.
However, I would assume the best case is if we can have the boto3 plugin. It can then open options to all api’s available in AWS.
Current challenge is if we use boto3 package in python, we’ll have to hardcode the api key and secret key in the code, as we cannot call the secret vault within the workflow. If there is a plugin for boto3, this would solve the challenge of storing the credentials in vault by creating the connection and it then can return the session to be used in the workflow.