Quick question, what causes cases where certain report templates show a blank page after generating the report?

What was the report in question? Also, what was it scoped to?

Report template was “top remediations with details (prioritized by vulnerability-related criteria)”. No vulnerabilities were discovered after the scan was done. My question is, did the report come out blank because the asset had no vulnerabilities after the scan or its something else.

I would assume that’s most likely the case. Although I’m not intimately familiar with the report structure I would have expected it to at least show the place holders just with no data instead of creating the entire thing as blank.

I run that report quite often when I have vulnerabilities and I’ve never had that issue but I may try and see what that looks like against a single asset with no vulnerabilities.

So I just ran the same report but scoped to a single asset with no vulnerabilities and it also came back blank so I think it is expected for the whole report to be blank when there is no vulnerabilities in the scope of the report.

Okay. Thank you for this John. Like you said, I also expected the report to say, no vulnerabilities detected or something instead of throwing in a blank page.