Big Badge Post

Hear ye, hear ye!

As you explore, participate in, and contribute to our community, you may earn badges for your efforts. Naturally, the more badges you earn, the more fame you accrue. That’s how it works.

As you navigate the peaceful waters of our Hub Community, you may encounter some users with special Rapid7 badges. These users are all here to support the community, so please feel free to ask them for help if you need it!

  • Moose – The Moose Badge signifies a Rapid7 employee. The moose is our company mascot because the plural form is the same as the singular, making us all One Moose. If a Moose joins your topic, don’t worry! Moose are gentle and instinctively curious creatures. Just act natural.

  • Extension Developer – These devs work with our community to build amazing extensions that help automate tasks of all shapes and sizes. Be on the lookout for these badgeholders seeking ideas, use cases, and feedback from our community!

  • ForumSec Officer – At Rapid7, our mission is to help our customers securely advance their business. Our ForumSec Officers bring that mission to the community, stoking intellectual conversations while moderating the topics to keep content suitable for all audiences.

  • Insight Specialist – Our Insight specialists bring their domain expertise to the table and leave their egos at the door. Watch out for their product-specific recommendations, best practices, solutions, scripts, and guidance.

  • Rapid7 Services Specialist – Our services specialists shed light on how Rapid7’s professional and managed service team members monitor networks, identify security incidents, assess risk, remediate vulnerabilities, and mitigate threats. Be on the lookout for tips from these industry experts!

  • Rapid7 API Guru – API gurus have gone by many names – Autonomous Programming Intellectuals, Action-Packed Interlopers, Acceptably Professional Individuals, Acrobatic Paid Interns – but their behavior is best summed up as Always Practicing Integrations. API gurus are experts in building API-driven extensions that help deliver security and business outcomes.

You can see details on all the badges up for grabs in the community here.