Best practices for Insight Agent upgrade?

I’m trying to understand the update process for the Rapid7 Insight Agent (just dealing with Windows at the present time). Once the agent is installed, will the agent supposedly continue to update itself to the latest version in perpetuity? Reason I’m asking this is because as I look at an inventory of our Windows devices and check the versions of the Insight Agent, I see a broad spectrum of versions installed: everything from to

We’ve been deploying the version to all of our Windows devices for some time now (any device that comes onto our network and that does not have the agent already installed, I should clarify). So I’m assuming the agent is designed to auto-update, but wanted to confirm that, especially in light of seeing so many different versions of the agent installed in our environment. And if it does in fact auto-update, should I be doing anything to bring the older versions up to current version?

Hi @BugsBunny, this part will help you; it all depends on the settings: Insight Agent software updates | Insight Agent Documentation