Best approach to start with remediation projects based on Top solutions?

I got a few remediation project related questions:

Our goal is to create projects based on the Top (5) Solutions (solutions that remediates the highest # of vulnerabilities)
(Like listed in the default “Top X Remediations by Vulnerabilities” reports)

Q1: How can we (easily) achieve this?
This isn’t straightforward as there is no 1on1 relation between solutions & vulnerabilities, (almost every solution resolve multiple vulnerabilities)
(If there would be a 1 to 1 relation we could create a project for the related vulnerability)

Q2: Is there a way to create a query that filters/limits the output to only the Top 5 solutions (solutions that remediates the highest # of vulnerabilities)
That way we get a list of all the vulnerabilities that get resolved by the top 5 solutions
I can’t find any options to add filters related to solutions in the query builder :frowning:


Same questions here.