Azul Zulu false positives

I found a post back from March that highlights that the Azul Zulu fingerprinting that was causing false positives was expected to be fixed by March. We are still getting thousands of “vulnerabilities” pertaining to this issue 6 and 1/2 months after the supposed fix.

Has anyone found they still have this issue? or is there steps that need to be done to have it re fingerprint and fix the issue?

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This fix corresponded with a change made by Azul to facilitate better fingerprinting with us.

If you have recently updated your install of Azul and are still experiencing problems, please submit as a support case for investigation.

Hey @kevin_mccabe,

I have a ticket open, but there is no definitive eta and based on the suggestions from the tech I am seeing a long resolution time. They want to start one at a time on a list of over a thousand for just one environment.