AWS SQS Trigger - Wait Time Seconds issue

Hi everyone,

I got today an error when using plugin AWS SQS v1.0.2 as Trigger and had to troubleshoot in the container itself to figure it out, the trigger was not working at all… even though the queue had available messages…

I set up the details but wanted to have long polling time so I set “Wait Time Seconds” to 30, the trigger never worked, the value must be between 0 or 20… but the UI lets you put any value, docker logs actually tells you the error, but it would be nice to double check valid input for APIs and restrict it in the UI.


Hi Mauricio, thanks for your message and bringing our attention to this issue. We can update the documentation around this to reflect the maximum wait time, and give an explicit error if the wait time is not in the (0 <= wait time <= 20) range.