Authenticated scan can be run to asset already had a rapid7 Agent

Hi Everyone.

Kindly help me with this one. If it is okay to run an authenticated scan to asset which already had a rapid7 agent installed?

Appreciate for any information you will provide Thank you

we run both.
There is an option to skip checks that the Agent does, so the authenticated scan looks for other things and combines them. I have always heard that best practices were to do both.

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Do both and also depends if you want to wait 6 or 7 hours for the ongoing agent assessment.

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I always run authenticated scans on devices with the insight agent. It can skip the information that the insight agent has already provided and gather any other new information to correlate with the device. Also, say for instance you have static remediation projects, they will only update when the device is actively scanned. So if you have a remediation project for devices with the insight agent, it behooves you to run an authenticated scan to accurately resolve the most open items for those projects.

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