AttackerKB Plugin has wrong API URL

Looks like the url for AttackerKB added a /v1/ that is missing from this Plugin should be

rapid7/Rapid7 AttackerKB:1.0.1. Step name: topics
An error occurred during plugin execution!

Failed to get a valid response from AttackerKB at endpoint Response was 404 page not found
 Response was: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:
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You’re right, thanks for the heads up! Going forward the API is going to be using versioned endpoints, so that’ll definitely help us avoid outright breakages like what happened here. But we’ll look to get this updated and make some improvements on our side to avoid this kind of scenario again.

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Thanks for reporting Brandon. AttackerKb just added API versioning so this should help with reliability.
We updated our plugin to use AttackerKb v1 API.


thank you, I just tested and can confirm this is fixed