Assets with Agents Not showing in Agent Site

Does anyone have issues with assets that have agents installed on them, but they arent showing up in the Agent site in the console? Does that mean the agent needs to be restarted on said assets again?

how long have these agents been installed?

Since about this time last year.

ah that definitely doesn’t sound right. I was going to say if it’s less than 24 hours or whatever it’s possible the sync job hasn’t ran yet but a full year is another story.

There’s a couple things I would probably check to include cloud connection, data retention settings, agent version, etc.

If you have auto updates on your agent and the agent is running the most current version, AND your console has a good connection to the platform (getting proper data syncs at every interval) and your data retention settings for the InsightAgent are pretty much anything more than 6 hours then I would expect to see the agent appear on the console.

You can put some screenshots up of those settings to look at, otherwise if the agent or the console is the issue I would suggest opening a support case specifically for this. Be sure to include diagnostics log.

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Kindly make sure to check that all Rapid7 destination domains/IP are allowed into your firewall.
please refer to below documentation

Connectivity Requirements | Insight Agent Documentation (