Assets to show up under a site

I am dealing with a remote site that has agents installed on all assets.
I tagged all assets and even used the tag to add them to a group.

After creating a new site, assigned the group to be scanned as a part of the assets on the site. However, the site still shows 0 assets. Those assets show up under a default site of Rapid7 agents. Any reason why the assets are not showing up under new site?

Is there a way to customize the agent installer so that assets automatically get added under a particular site?

The reason why assets are most likely not showing up under the new site is because those assets are remote and therefore not reachable by your scan engine whether it be the local engine on the console or a distributed scan engine.

The default “Rapid7 Insight Agents Site” is created to house all assets that have an agent installed on them. For remote assets that are not connected to your network, this will usually be the only site those assets will be a part of. For internal servers however, an asset may be part of both the “Rapid7 Insight Agent” site as well as any other sites you define.

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