Assets API

Hi All,

Is there a way to fetch assets from the Insight platform via API?

I.e. is it possible to get this view?

I am not looking for the Insight VM assets but just the assets more generally.

Many thanks in advance

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It is possible to access the API for agent management, this API is currently in Preview state, its our Graphql API. We can share the preview docs with you directly if you are interested. It has not been made publicly available as we intend to release a newer API in the future which will supersede this preview API.

This Graphql API doesn’t allow you to pull all assets that could possibly exist in IDR. For instance IDR can identify an asset that does not have an agent installed by observing a Host to IP event through DHCP/VPN event sources. This would be observed in the Host to IP Observations log in log search, if you had a DHCP event source configured for example. You can query these events in log search using the query API



Hi David,

That sounds brilliant thanks, I’m familiar with GraphQL so this sounds really interesting.

Would you be able to send over the documentation?

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@jabbott I’ve shared these via our secure email server


That’s great, thanks very much @david_smith

Hi David,

Would you mind if I request to get a copy of the documentation too?

Was looking into this before and wasn’t able to get any thing so am doing it manually (Copy & Paste).

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Hi David,

I need to query asset information too. So could I ask for another copy of that documentation?

Thank you very much!

Hi David,

Also to me please.


@mkl @jack Sent to you both

Thank you so much!

Hi David I would greatly appreciate a copy of the same documentation.

Thanks Franklyn

@franklyn_camejo Sent!

Hi David,

Could I also receive a copy as well of this documentation?


@ilyaaz_noerkhan sent

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Could I get the same documentation as well?

@mbahena you got it!

Hello David,
would it be possible for you to send me this documentation as well?
Thank you very much.

Sent - I see you just downloaded too. Happy Scripting :slight_smile: