Assessed True or False?

Can someone explain what does assessed True or False mean via running a discovery scan and pulling the information from the site.

Name Operating System Last Scan Assessed

I am wondering if it is the difference between running a “discovery” scan VS. a full scan that assess vulnerabilities

I understood discovery scans dont count toward licenses but the full scans (like authenticated)
are and have all the host detail down to risk, vulnerabilities, etc

Discovery is a basic nmap scan of an IP range to “discover” the assets that are active on the network.
Using the found devices you would build out what you want to run a full scan of vulnerability on.
The reason to separate these out is to not waste network resources scanning IPs that are not live or if you want to change the scan type or even exclude IPs from being scanned.
Some examples would be only running vulnerability checks that apply to Windows on a Windows box.
Also from a licensing standpoint you only pay for devices that you scan for vulnerability on not what you see.
Hopefully that answers your question.

Thanks Brandon for the response, what i am asking simply does the term assessed false meaning that asset is alive or not alive? My assumption is assessed alive means the scan has verified it is alive for further scanning (crendential or remote) but I am unclear what the term assessed “false” means. I hope this clarified

Hi ctraylor,

An asset is considered assessed when its vulnerability or policy assessment data is stored in the Security Console. Live Licensing | InsightVM Documentation

A discovery scan does not produce vulnerability or policy results, so a newly discovered asset that has not yet been the target of a vulnerability or policy scan should not be considered assessed, and your report will show it flagged as False.
If the discovered asset has previously been the target of a vulnerability or policy scan and has that assessment data on it already, the discovery results will correlate to the existing asset record on the console, and your report will show it flagged as True.

I hope this clears things up!