AppSpider Enterprise features

Good Day what are the benefits of using AppSpider enterprise and the benefits of it in summary

Hi MMajozi – first and foremost, welcome to Rapid7 and thanks for reaching out. InsightAppSec is Rapid7’s industry-leading DAST solution. It leverages the AppSpider engine however it includes a modern experience such as customizable dashboards and reporting, ability to manage scans and schedules at scale, and includes many of the modern integrations with ticketing and CI/CD tools. It is also available on the Insight Platform, Rapid7’s SaaS platform which includes other industry-leading solutions such as InsightVM, InsightIDR, tCell by Rapid7, InsightCloudSec, and more! Hope this helps and if you’re looking for more information you can definitely reach out to anyone at Rapid7 for more information or try it out as well!


Hello ,thank you for the response but i am still not clear i want to know the features of AppSpider alone

Got it - sorry I thought the original post had AppSpider / InsightAppSec. You can find more information on AppSpider here: Web Application Security Testing with AppSpider