API post command to schedule scan - 406 response

Hey all, so I’m new to the Rapid 7 game, but not APIs in general. I find my API responses are hit or miss on this API. All I’m trying to do is schedule a scan through the API, however I’m getting.

Request Method: POST
Response Time: 0.482 seconds
Response Status: 406 - Not Acceptable

I have stripped my POST to the bare minimum, all appears to be correct but there is no response. Any ideas what is going on?

Here is my bare min post request:
“enabled”: true,
“onScanRepeat”: “resume-scan”,
“repeat”: {
“every”: “week”,
“interval”: 1
“start”: “2021-05-01T15:20:00Z”

Following the docs here:

Found the answer to my own question after more digging:

CURL command works. I’ve been using the Chrome extension YARC to query the API. I guess its buggy at best.