API Keys ~ How to use them

Hi All,

Need information on Insight VM API keys - how they can be used to access portal and while generating it , it ask for valid name and when we input take any name.

What are you referring to with regards to accessing the portal? Or are you referring to using the InsightVM API itself?

There’s some info here about how to generate API keys and some best practices for managing them. If you can elaborate a little more on how you’re looking to use them, we can try to provide some additional guidance. :slight_smile:

yes , its regarding providing access in Insight VM portal usring API keys.

@g1ki52_g1ki52 Along with what Holly mentioned with the API key documentation, the InsightVM cloud API can be located here. This API has some specific areas that functionality is provided but doesn’t cover ALL the functionality the console API provides.

If you need the functionality of the console API, it leverages basic auth with a local account and you don’t need a platform API generated. Hope this helps!