ANyone Kow what the "Upload Template option" Is

Create a Report Template Does anyone know what the upload template option is under the reports where you can create by csv, html, etc?

See attached picture.

I’m working on getting a database built using API and csv seems the only way i can do this but was wondering if this option would let me build a report with certain criteria like cvss, ip, hostname, tagging. etc?

Hi Vanessa,
The upload template option is one of the legacy features in the product where users can upload a .jar file of a report template made from products like JasperSoft (which still need to be signed by Rapid7, before being imported) . While still available in the product, this IMO is not the easiest or common approach to getting data out of the product. For your use case, you may be better off using the SQL query export option as described here and many sample queries as mentioned here to help you get started.

I hope this helps


Thank you!