Anyone else losing collector connectivity after recent windows updates?

Hi! We’re having some difficulty with our Rapid7 collectors since this morning. This weekend the latest windows updates were installed, but this shouldn’t pose a problem, right? We’re running 'em on Windows server 2019. Just wondering if its something related to us, or others have the same problem.

Ok, the second i posted this the connectivity came back. Still weird though, i’ll be investigating…

Hi! We had the same issue. Several collectors went inactive for a couple of hours, but it looks good now.

There is/was an issue for EU customers reaching the Insight Platform. It seems to be fixed as there are no errors shown for the Collectors/Honeypots, but it seems like it takes some more time for R7 to ingest the missed data because as of now, Iam still not able to see all the parsed data at the log search for some of my event sources.

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I wanted to reach out to inform you that this was indeed flagged on our status page earlier this morning

Our Platform team have addressed this to prevent any further events like this in future. This unfortunately did cause a delay in event collection when we were back online initially but this delay no longer persists for any instance or customer we have checked. If you do have any outstanding issues please reach out to Support.

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Hi Sean, I didn’t know this page existed. Added to my favorites! Thanks! Case closed!