Any one facing portal slowness and scanning slowness issue?

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From last two days I have been facing this issue wherein portal is reporting very slow and taking long time to scan the devices. On an average I am scanning 50 assets per site and scanning 4 site at a time. Earlier with the same configuration scan used to get complete within 2 3 hours. I checked the resource utilization of the server and it seems to be very normal. Currently I am on version 6.6.54 Product Update 2020-11-18.

Any help would be appreciated.


Parth Khundiwala

How long are your scans taking now, and which scan template are you using? That along with a bunch of other factors can affect scan times - number of live assets, network latency, etc.

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@parth_khundiwala If you previously weren’t using credentials with your scans and then added credentials, that would certainly increase the amount of time it takes to scan a site/asset. But to Holly’s point, there are many factors that can play a role such as scan template used, site scope, use of credentials, engine location in comparison to network/assets, etc.

If you continue to see slow scan times and it is something you need assistance with, I would reach out to your CSM and they should be able to get you help to look at your specific environment and set up.

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