Any API for InsightAgent specific?

I have only InsightVM and some assets have InsightAgents installed, what API is available to query those assets with InsightAgents installed to check their agent’s status(online/offline), agent’s version, etc.?


For version you could look at the installed software on the asset.
For agent status you could try Assets API - #2 by david_smith

The GraphQL API that David mentions in that post reports the agent version as well :slight_smile:

@mwu-at-work the GraphQL API also makes it possible to query certain registry hives on the machines which can be helpful if you want to pull reports on certain keys etc. It also allows you to quarantine and un-quarantine assets if you would like to do such things as well. So I would def recommend you to contact support to get access to that since it is currently only in preview.

Thanks for information provided.
We only have InsightVM but not the IDR, does that still work? Cause David in the link mentioned the api documentation which requires IDR.

I think this should still work as the GraphQL API is querying the agent data and not data related to any IDR incidents etc, but to make absolutely sure of that the quickest way is probably to open a case with support :slight_smile:

Hey Richard you are spot on the Graphql API is product agnostic, essentially its a platform level feature. So if you have IDR or IVM you can hit that API to pull back information.