Always Prompted To Create New Connection Even If One Exists

Always Prompted To Create New Connection Even If One Exists in editing an existing workflow? anyone else experience this?

This also means the search bar is blank as well when searching for existing plugins.

Tried deleting browser cache, still an issue.

Hey @hayden_redd, is there a particular plugin that you are experiencing this for or a particular workflow that you are importing and running into this problem?

at the moment just o365. But has happened to many others before. Scratch that it’s the LDAP plugin too now…

I’ve seen this when the Plugin has a major version upgrade, can you check to see if the connection was for a previous version?

versions of plugins
LDAP plugin is 4.0.3
o365 plugin is 5.0.0

@hayden_redd, Brandon is correct that if you were on a previous Major version of the plugin, it will require a new connection to be created since there were breaking changes in the plugin which at the moment means a new connection is required.

In the case of O365, that seems to be very likely what was the cause. As for LDAP, if you were on version 4.0.0-4.0.2 previously, then you should not have been prompted to create a new connection.

ok so created a new connection for the 5.0.0 o365 plugin and now a workflow using the new connection is not getting emails as a trigger…

Are you using the Teams trigger in your workflow? This could be an issue with that trigger where it purges the message queue, which then results in emails not being processed immediately. If that’s the case, you can try deactivating this particular workflow for 5-10 minutes, then activating it again and see if it starts processing emails.

I’m going to note this on our side as well so we can further look into this trigger issue.