Allow top solutions as a query in remediation projects

Hi team,

I’m looking for a way to query/include top solutions into a remediation project. This doesn’t seem to be a query that can be generated. I can do top vulns/exploits but nothing on the solutions.

If not this would be a handy feature.

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That would be great. Not just in remediation projects, but as well in Query Builder. That would really help. For instance he “Solutions” related cards in “Dashboard” tell you how many assets qualify for a particular solution, but we have no way of identifying which those assets are. Really frustrating.
Already placed that request a few months a go during a call with some Rapid7 guys. Not sure this is on the InsightVM’s roadmap, as we customers do not have visibility on that one.
What I experience - probably as many customers and users - is that the cloud console part is pretty new and although already quite rich, still quite some features have to be implemented/enhanced/adjusted to support us even more in efficient vulns hunting .

I got the exact same needs
Building remediation projects based on solutions
Options to filter on solutions in the Query builder