Agent Unable to Install

Admittedly, we are currently overprovisioned, and are pushing 110% of our Asset Subscription allocation. I’ve underestimated the network’s growth, and had some blind spots that meant we didn’t have all needed assets covered on our existing network at the time. That’s on me.

However, I can’t find in the documentation for the InsightVM agent, or the Insight Platform, where a hard cutoff exists. The install error says nothing about overprovisioning or oversubscribing.

If there’s documentation I’ve missed, or logs I need to check to find that Oversubscirption could be a cause of these errors, please point me to them. Without that, I don’t know if another product/update/policy may be the cause of these newly appearing errors.




Not 5 minutes after posting, I did manage to find the documentation.

" 110% usage
The Security Console will display a red notification banner when licensed assets exceed 110% of the allotted maximum."

However, the documentation goes on to talk about Automatic Enforcement, which has consequences for scan results. Agent installs isn’t mentioned.