Agent Name on Windows

Hey All,

We have an interesting thing going on where our ir_agents are reporting in with inconsistent names.

For example:

Agent 1 will report in as System1
Agent 2 will report in as System2.domain.local

This is impacting our reporting processes, so I’m wondering how this name is selected (particularly in Windows), and if there is any way to influence what is reported into the system.


I have the same issue and have not been able to get a solid answer. Currently I’m having to import lists, strip the domain and then work with the assets.

Thanks for the idea.

I don’t have access to an import function unfortunately, so I’m left with trying to fix this agent-side.

Nobody has any further insight?

You could also utilize the SQL queries to run you reports and export all the hostnames for an Asset ID, this typically includes the System1 and System2.domain.local, or you could add a Replace function while exporting to remove the .domain.local from any hostname.

Here is something you can do for the first option.

asset_names AS (
SELECT asset_id, array_to_string(array_agg(host_name), ‘,’) AS names
FROM dim_asset_host_name
GROUP BY asset_id
SELECT names
FROM asset_names

The output would be along the lines of System2,System2.domain.local where you can choose to keep or remove this using Excel or Google sheets or any other application that you use.

For the second option, you just need to do the following.

SELECT REPLACE(host_name,‘.domain.local’,‘’) AS
FROM dim_asset

You can include these in any SQL query to get you report.

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