Agent based policy reports

I need to create a CIS Policy report on 3 devices that have agents installed. I have linked the policy and have results. However, I can’t find any way to do a full report including all the fails, and how to remediate them etc. This can be done in the report section with assets that are scanned, but nothing shows in the reports builder with agents scanned assets. Any thoughts.

I haven’t seen anything in reports. However, if you drill into the policy you can click on the assets tab which will have your 3 machines. Then you click on the names and can see failures and even remediations. When on that page you can also export as CSV. So almost a report???

Yeah. I did that. But the CSV doesn’t give the remediations. It just gives the check information. I would like to give the teams a report that not only shows the check, but also the remediation all in one report. Maybe I am missing something. :slight_smile: Thanks

I’m about to need this to for upcoming work. Did you find any way to do that with CIS control detail, R7 check and remediation advice all in one report?

No. I haven’t. Still looking into a way to do this.

I don’t know if it was just added since the last time but looking in reports there’s a “policy details” template that seems to do exactly what you want.