Additional Headers in Filtered Asset Search

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My first post here on the forum.

I am using Rapid7 Nexpose and looking for an option to have additional header of “Asset Group” whenever I search for assets.

As of now I can only see: Address, Name, Site, OS, etc as my headers and I would like to have asset group displayed. This will give me an idea that an asset has been associated with an Asset Group.


Hi Faizan,

I don’t believe it is possible to modify the columns that are displayed in the console. As far as I know, the only ways to see anything related to the asset group would be in the asset group page itself or you could add the asset group membership to your reports.

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Hi Faizan - I believe you look at the “Assets” page on the onprem console. Did you have a try with “Query Builder” ? You have a variety of assets related fields to query against.
However the asset group will not be displayed in the query results. And you will not get it when downloading the query results in a CSV format.

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