Additional Attributes for Expiring SSL Certificates Report

Hello, I’m wondering if there are additional attributes that can be added to this report other than what’s listed below.

I’m looking for “Friendly Name” and also “Certificate Template” fields.

da.ip_address AS “Host IP Address”,
da.host_name AS “Hostname”,
da.mac_address AS “MAC Address”,
json_certs.port AS “Port”,
json_certs.cert->>‘ssl.cert.issuer.dn’ AS “Issuer”,
json_certs.cert->>‘ssl.cert.subject.dn’ AS “Subject”,
json_certs.cert->>‘’ AS “Algorithm”,
json_certs.cert->>‘’ AS “Algorithm Signature”,
json_certs.cert->>‘ssl.cert.key.rsa.modulusBits’ AS “Key Size”,
json_certs.cert->>‘ssl.cert.not.valid.before’ AS “Invalid Before”,
json_certs.cert->>‘ssl.cert.not.valid.after’ AS “Invalid After”,
(CAST(json_certs.cert->>‘ssl.cert.not.valid.after’ AS DATE) - CURRENT_DATE) AS “Expires In (days)”
SELECT asset_id, service_id, port, json_object_agg(name, replace(value::text, ‘"’, ‘’)) as cert
FROM dim_asset_service_configuration
WHERE lower(name) LIKE ‘ssl.cert.%’
GROUP BY 1, 2, 3
) AS json_certs
JOIN dim_asset AS da USING (asset_id)