Adding private Gitlab based Docker registry

Hi All,

did anyone succeeded in adding Gitlab-based Docker Registry Connection to InsightVM? I’ve created a dedicated user within our own Gitlab deployment, but hitting the Test Connection button always comes back with Authentication Error. Is there anything that should be done on Gitlab end?

I did, but all I did was add the URL and the credentials, I didn’t have to modify any permissions

Hi Brandon, in what form are you adding the URL? I’m adding the FQDN of the server where our Gitlab is running as HOST, and 5050 as port, and it does not work :frowning:

entries logged in the “production.log” for the “docker login” command, and what appears when I click on “Test Connection” are very different. Maybe Host should be entered in some special way?

sorry, I double checked. I use FQDN for Host, but I’m using port 443 for my connection.

Although, I just clicked Test and it didn’t work, when originally it did. So maybe there is an issue going on???

I just re-entered my info and it worked

Turns out the user should have an Administrative rights to be able to list all repositories (needs access to /v2/_catalog path in API). I was hoping to do this with an ordinary level user.