Add new SNOW ticket URL to available actions/fields

when we create a ticket and automatically assign it the SNOW notification email no longer gets set as it used to when the ticket was created and then assigned to our group but not yet assigned. It was easier to find the ticket that way, but of course we want to keep the auto assign action.

Is there a way to add the new ticket SNOW url to the plugin actions/fields?

That’s an enhancement I think based on the plugin output. We can look into it.

However, in the meantime, when you view a ticket, what’s the URL look like? Does it contain the incident ID? If you changed that ID can you view a new ticket?

What I’m thinking is you could manually construct the URL and insert it by doing something like:{{[create_incident_output].[“incident_id”]”

You’ll have to look at the URL and see if that’s possible. You’ll also have to edit the variable for whatever your WF is doing.

It’s how I’d go about it until we see if we can add that as an output.

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Nice! that occurred to me at one point. One thing to note is the URL is URL encoded I dont know if that will affect it, as in it came that way and I had to decode it in cyberchef but didnt re encode it.

I made the change now so I will test.

So I put the variable in the sys_id={var} part.

Based on

URL encoding shouldn’t matter unless there are special characters in the ID.

If it is a problem, we can create a utility for that quickly.