Add a Tag to CSV of assets

Is this even possible? There doesnt seem to be a way to do it in the GUI so im hoping API can help.

I have a csv of 100+ servers that need an existing tag adding to them ( or a new one it doesnt really matter) but all I have at this point is the asset name.

API seems to want id of the asset, which again unless doing it manully I can’t find a way to get that based of a csv.

So im kind of stuck and dont know where to go now. You cant create groups based on a CSV in the GUI that I can see, so cant add the tags that way either.

There is a way to add a tag to a list of assets via a .txt file with a list of IP’s/hostnames. We’ve got some steps on how to do that here:

Hopefully that mostly aligns with what you’re looking to do.

As for the API, it’d be a little more complex if you only have asset names to work with. I think what you could do is use the Asset Search endpoint to search for assets based on name, and that would allow you to retrieve the ID. Then you’d use the PUT Asset Tag endpoint and provide the ID you retrieved + the tag ID to apply that tag to all your assets.


Thanks Holly…Ill go with the easy option :wink:

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