Abnormal API | Get-threats

Not sure how to format the date to get recent threats?

I’ve provided the below in the “From Date” to filter queries. Goal is to poll Abnormal unless there’s a better way to do this.


Example given in spec is

  "from_date": "2021-03-01T21:11:38Z",
  "to_date": "2021-03-11T21:11:38Z"

Not sure what I am missing here.

Abnormal API gives below example which suggests it requires encoding. Not sure what the plugin is trying to do or what’s being sent.

curl -X "GET" ^
  "https://api.abnormalplatform.com/v1/threats?filter=receivedTime%20gte%202020-01-01T01%3A01%3A01Z&pageSize=100&pageNumber=1&source=All" ^
  -H "accept: application/json" ^
  -H "mock-data: False"

Error I keep getting is

Invalid or unreachable endpoint provided. Verify the endpoint/URL/hostname configured in your plugin connection is correct. Response was: {“detail”:“invalid filter query parameter values: Dates not provided in ‘%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ’ format.”}