406 Not Acceptable Error during Post API Request


I’m receiving 406 Not Acceptable Error during Post API Request while trying to call a scan on the InsightVM console from another server. I believe it might be related to header information in the body. I’m using the Postman client to send this API call. Please find the screenshot below for the JSON Syntax in the body section. Would greatly appreciate any assistance on this and thanks a lot in advance. I tried the IP for the VM as well.


What if you remove the ‘“hosts”: [],’ line?

    "engineId":  3,
    "name":  "test",
    "templateId":  "full-audit-without-web-spider"

I’m wondering if the empty array is saying scan none vs scan all when it is omitted. Headers should just be basic auth, but the user must have the correct rights.

@sdasoji_sdasoji can you also post the headers that you’re sending in the request?

There will need to be Content-Type: application/json and Accept: application/json headers

I totally forgot about that header, I have it by default so always just append to it and always forget to add it when I switch environments