0 Soutions showing on running query


I have setup a demo appliance and linked it to the cloud service.

When I create a new query (say all Microsoft servers) the assets display in the table, the vulnerabilities show, but I always get a message saying “0 Solutions found”

This means that in rememdiation projects there are also no solutions listed (which means I can’t test how they work properly)

Just to add to this, if I view the individual assets I can see that solutions are listed for each of them, it’s just they are not showing up in queries or on the common solutions dashboard widget.

Feels like something hasn’t synced to the cloud service. I have removed the pairing key and repaired the console again, I’ve also checked diagnostics and cloud communications are showing as OK.

Screenshot (hopefully) attached…

bump can anyone help on this please?

Hi @oli_lacey-reed!
This issue was already addressed internally.
It’s probably not a problem on your side as multiple customers are affected.

Hi Philipp thanks for the reply…

When you say addressed internally - does this mean I need to wait on R7 to fix this issue? Seems a bit of a shame as I’m trying to demo the idea to a potential customer!

I had the same problem. I tried to demo the remediation projects, but there are no solutions.

Please open a support case for this!
You can ask to bind the case to the internal case SI-13909.

I have a call with presales tech this week but refered to this call when setting it up, I will write back if I get an answer on what’s causing this…