Workflow wont stop sending messages. Stuck on an infinite loop even after deleting the workflow

I just created a workflow that makes an SQL query and then posts the result of the query on a slack channel.
And even after first disabling the workflow and then deleting it, it wont stop sending messages to the channel.
I have also checked the Jobs and there are no pending or running jobs as well.

Need help on this ASAP

Hi @khinar_thukral,

I can help you with that. Let me take a look to see if I am find anything on our side.


Waiting on your response. Its a serious issue. Spamming a channel is not what we had in mind when we opted for SOAR with Insight Connect

If it is urgent can you please create a support ticket. We would like to collect some information about your instance. Make that a sev1 ticket. I will have it fast tracked to me.

Created the support ticket.

I am looking into it now. Thanks for your patience.

I fixed it on our end. However somebody from our support reached out to you to schedule a zoom call. Let me know if you can join that session.