Workflow trigger periodically stops working

We have multiple workflows that periodically just stop working for no reason. One in particular is our Phishing Workflow that works off a new email received trigger. We have noticed multiple times where it just doesn’t trigger the workflow, nothing has changed with the workflow itself. When checking the Status section I did notice a bunch of the Triggers had state of Stopped for some reason.

I have a Timer trigger that runs every minute and once every week or two I notice it isn’t running. I Deactivate the Workflow then Reactivate it to get it working again, but it would be nice to have an alert when this happens or at least know why

Sorry for the delay on this. It can be a bit tricky to troubleshoot trigger issues, so the best thing to do in this case is to open a ticket with support. Then we can work with support to look through your logs and see what’s going on here.

@kthiara_kthiara Any chance a support ticket has been opened for this yet? If it is something that seems to happen consistently then we would prefer to get a ticket opened to make sure we can collect logs from your orchestrator and the trigger(s) in question so we can figure out what is going on and get this resolved. Thanks!

I will open a support case for this issue. Thanks!

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I would, but it is so hard to replicate I don’t know what they would be able to show in a ticket… If I see something tangible I’ll open one

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