Vulnerability publish age by serverity


I want to know which assets are related to the vulnerabilities presented in the “vulnerability publish age by serverity” dashboard, but I don’t see an option to export that information, it only exports the vulnerabilities. Does anyone know?


There’s a couple options here if you want that info, depending on what you’re looking to do. If you just want to see affected assets, you can expand the card, then click on the Asset Count column to filter by most affected assets. Once you’ve done that, click on the vulnerability title and it’ll take you to a table showing every affected asset for that vuln, which you can then do an export of.

If you go back to the expanded card, you can also click “Load” or “Add” to further filter the data with your own saved queries, or with statements from the query builder. With this you could filter by site or asset group, then you can create a remediation project to track things for the specific assets you’ve selected.

If you’re just looking for an export of all this asset + vulnerability data, you could use a data export report with a custom SQL query. The query would select asset + vuln data, and you could filter by something like vulnerability.datePublished if you’re interested in the age.

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