Users without Global manage engine permission not able to initiate scan

User without global permission (Manage engine) are not able to initiate scan in nexpose console.
Users without global rights were able to initiate scan till 2nd June 2021.
We are suspecting that after latest product update this issue has occurred.

Hi @chaudhary_pradeep !

Thank you for raising this issue. We are aware of this and we are actively investigating at the moment.
We will keep our support portal updated in regards to this issue.

As you mentioned a current workaround is to grant global permissions to be able to initiate scans.

Amr Saleh
Rapid7 Support

We are not in position to enable workaround as it give access to all user to delete/edit existing scan engines. Mange engine access is restricted to administrator only.

is this still a problem? I have user getting this?global manage scan engines

I’m not sure why he cant run a scan from his site