Undetected Java Installations

Hello everyone
Quick question to everyone. Is it possible that the Scan Engines do not detect java binaries that are not installed on the default path? We are currently fixing outdated java installations to reduce the high number of vulnerabilities. On a test system, we found out that no more Java vulnerabilities were found, but an outdated Java binary was still installed. However, on a rather unusual path. This binary was installed by a thrid party application in the corresponding path of the thrid party application.
How do you deal with such cases?
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That’s a tough one. I assume this is a Java instance that is used by a particular software application…I’ve seen that problem before myself. Unfortunately, the only way to find those installations is by searching for them as files. You would need to activate “File System Search” in the scan template and then add a file search.

My recommendation is to create a specific scan template that only does that search. Unfortunately, turning on that search feature increases scan times and puts some extra load on the target systems (as the scan does a search of the file system), so anything you can do to make the search more efficient will help you.

Once you find those installations you can check to see what applications they coincide with. From that point onwards it’s a lot easier to focus on the application instances/versions rather than searching for the non-standard Java installations themselves. Good luck!

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