UI Suggestion for Settings

I’d like to see some improvements around the Settings Menu:

  1. Sorting, Search, and Filtering ability in the Triggers Status window
  2. Search and Sorting ability in the Connections window
  3. Visual representation of the Docker containers with their current Memory and CPU usage, with a button to restart the container if needed
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Definitely agree with the addition of search/sort capabilities for those areas, so I made a ticket for us to take a look at it.

#3 is a little deeper… I remember you mentioning issues with having to restart your container due to performance. And I think we at least partially attributed that to high volume LDAP and ServiceNow workflows - is that right?

correct, I came in this morning and the LDAP container was over 11GB and I had just reset it around 17:00 yesterday (I reset it multiple times a day whenever it gets above 2GB or else performance gets impacted). The steps only pull back one user at a time, but the workflow runs a few hundred times a day.

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Gotcha. I’ve brought this up with the team, and we’re looking into how we can best tackle this. Hopefully we can figure out a solution so you’re not constantly doing resets.

@brandon_mcclure We were hoping to set up some time with you to chat through this as well as Setting Memory limits on containers for plugins a bit more. We are looking into some improvements in these areas and would like to dig a bit deeper into what you are trying to accomplish, what issues we are trying to solve, etc. I’ll send an email to you and hopefully we can set something up soon!