The connection to the update server timed out

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to update the security console manually, however I am getting the error: The connection to the update server timed out. I have ensure that the security console is able to connect with the S3 bucket, when I run the diagnostics on the security console, it does not show any errors. Please not sure what might be the issue here.

Pragnesh P.

Hi @pragnesh_panchal - This would be best handled by our Support team. They are currently not monitoring these forums since the current design of these forums are for any integration or API related questions.

Please open a support case here:

I’m sure the team will be able to help you resolve this quickly!

I have the same issue. Coincidently, it started on 5/7. Were you able to get it resolved?

I am getting this too, were you able to figure it out?