Solution status mapping setup

what are the best practices for the solution status mapping? it seems like i have a misconfiguration somewhere because when i close a ticket in ServiceNow the status in insightVM wont change.

My settings are :
Awaiting verification = Closed and Resolved
Will not fix = Canceled.

In my case:
I have created a ticket for 2 assets, on these assets i remediated the findings and after that i closed the ticket in ServiceNow. In the remediation project in rapid7 the status of these assets stay the same(unresolved) . What is the next step for me as a administrator?
perform a new scan te verify if the findings are remediated or do i need to check the remediation project for a alert that states “awaiting verification”?

It seems like it’s working but there is a delay of more than 5 hours to synchronize from ServiceNow to Rapid7. is this normal?