SNOW Plugin Fields Missing

There are some fields missing from the options in the SNOW plugin, can we request a couple more?

It would help to fully automate the ticket creation. You may know already how to close a ticket it requires close notes, blah blah, etc. :slight_smile:

source of information
Call back number


Tried my idea to simply create a CI and then read it… to give up the field names snow does understand. This didn’t work.

When I read the incident using that particular action it comes back with empty.

Hey @hayden_redd, we just released version 5.0.1 of the plugin which should now include additional_fields which will allow you to define other/customer fields when creating an updating a ServiceNow Incident:

Since ServiceNow is so customizable, we wanted to make sure the most common fields were made readily accessible/definable and then with this change you get the flexibility of any other fields in scope. Hope this helps!

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nice! my problem is the fields just wont take… snow just ignores my additional fields like Call back number, etc.