ServiceNow field mapping

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering how other administrators have configured their ServiceNow Field mapping in Rapid7 InsightVM.

My settings are:

short_discription title = $SOL_NAME
Discription field= Project $PROJ_NAME , affected assets: $ASSET_NAME_LIST
Comments field = $VULN_ID_LIST

But i noticed that some solution names do not fit as a incident title, does anyone have some tips or suggestions?

SNOW usually has a text cap on the description which will cut off the info if you have a lot of assets in the list so I usually have the description say to reference the comments. Then I typically put this nicely formatted HTML into the comment field:

<p><strong>Project Name</strong> <br /> $PROJ_NAME</p>
<p><strong>Solution</strong> <br /> $SOL_NAME</p>
<p><strong>Additional Information</strong> <br /> $SOL_ADDL_INFO</p>
<p><strong>Solution Steps</strong> <br />$SOL_FIX</p>
<p><strong>Solution URL</strong> <br /> <a href="$SOL_URL" target="&rdquo;_blank&rdquo;">$SOL_URL</a></p>
<p><strong>Asset List</strong> <br /> $ASSET_IP_LIST</p>
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Didn’t know i could do that, will test it right away.

And what are the best practices for naming the ‘short_discription’ field?

$SOL_NAME is actually a pretty good field for the short description as the ticket itself is scoped per solution

oke, last question, how did you set up the solution status mapping for

Awaiting verification and Will not fix ?