Scanning on two specific days in a week


Has anyone found a way to schedule a scan for two specific days in a week? The current solution is to create 2 separate schedules with each one pointing to a specific day, but I have not been able to find a way to do it under a single schedule. Scheduling scans every X days doesn’t work because we need something specific for the patching cadence of our different departments. For example, we are trying to accomplish something where we can say: “we are running scans every Tuesday and Thursday, so you can patch Monday, Wednesday or Friday without effecting the service”.

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One way is to set a daily scan, then set a blackout window for the days that you want to skip. The down side to this is if you have non nexpose global admins doing adhoc scans, it wont let the scan launch.

If you are not caught up on the name of the scheduled scans, then I would just do 2 scan schedules. Scheduled scan names are unique in the site, so if you have some automation based on the scan name, then you have to account for that. Use a pattern or list. If you are really caught up on doing one scheduled scan only, then do a blackout, or don’t use the nexpose scan scheduler and just have some other system with a scheduler hit the nexpose api on the two days and kick off the scans.


I know this a year too late, but maybe it will help somebody else later.

I had a similar situation where I wanted to scan every weekday, and what I did was schedule 5 different weekly scans, each with a different start date, but everything else the same. It takes a little longer to setup and is clunky to maintain but you don’t have to mess with site blackout times.

I just encountered this problem and this is really freaking dumb.

@Developers: why hasn’t anyone done the extremely simple coding task of adding MTWTF checkboxes and parsing dates for days to initiate scans?!?!